Business Owner Explains Why You Should Shop Local

HARTFORD, South Dakota (KELO) – It’s easy to surf the web and shop from the comfort of your own home, but it’s important to get out in your community to support local businesses.

You’ll find a great selection of handmade gifts at Stacy Wengler’s store.

She’s had her shop in Hartford for about six years.

“Including ourselves, we have about 40 other sellers who make and sell them in our shop, so everything is handmade except for a wholesale line,” says the owner Tricky Gnome Breeds and Salvagesaid Stacy Winner.

Wengler said the community has been supportive of her business, which has allowed her to support schools and other organizations in the town.

“We’ve partnered a lot with schools for donations and fundraisers, we’ve partnered with community organizations a lot for donations and fundraisers,” Wingler said. “If you spend your money at my particular store , you’re not only supporting my business, you’re supporting me as a person, as a family, and then sending my kids to school, and then my business is supporting the activities your kids are doing at school, so it’s really just a Huge circles,” Wengler said.

Shopping in person can give you a more personalized experience than shopping online.

“If you’re looking for something and you don’t have anything to do on a Saturday afternoon, instead of clicking a button, stop and walk around and build a memory of when you actually bought something,” said the president of the Hartford Chamber of Commerce. , said Ashley Matthews.

Showing a little support can go a long way.

“Supporting local people because your money really does stay here, it’s what we call life circles, you’re here to support, your kids are here to go to school, it’s all growing and giving back,” Matthews said.

In May, the Hartford Chamber of Commerce will host a “Discover Hartford” event that includes a treasure hunt. For more information, we provide a link to their website here.

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