Downtown Seattle shoppers are feeling the effects of recent big business closures

The Nike Store and Regal Meridian 16 were two major downtown stores that announced they were closing.

SEATTLE – Time is running out for another downtown Seattle staple.

One of downtown Seattle’s oldest movie theaters will close its doors next month. The Regal Meridian 16 movie theater is one of 39 movie theaters across the country that will close their screens.

Seattle resident Geri Cooper said: “It’s bad because I usually come down and find a place to eat and watch a movie. (It’s) a nice theater and it’s convenient.”

Cineworld, the company that owns the theater, filed for bankruptcy in September.

Meridian 16 and the downtown Nike store location have now been added to the list of businesses that have closed downtown over the past few years.

“There are fewer people, yes, a lot of stores are closed, a lot of retailers, a lot of stores that were once staples are gone,” said Seattle resident Florence Vollmer.

Officials from the Downtown Seattle Association sent an emailed statement to KING 5, which read in part:

“Retailers have been evaluating changing space and scale needs for years. We’ve seen this in urban areas since before the pandemic. We never want to see a downtown retailer choose to close, and Niketown for years Come has always been an important part of our retail mix.

“We’re excited about the several new families that have opened their doors in recent months, with many more on the way. To help facilitate their success, we need to ensure a safe and welcoming environment, which is improving all the time in the city center , and is a top priority for our city leaders.”

According to the association, 2.2 million tourists visited the city center last month, an increase of 8% compared to December 2021. Its dashboard also showed that December 2022 marked the third straight month of increases in the number of workers returning to the office.

“I want it to survive and prosper, and you know I love Seattle,” Cooper said.

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