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Lonsdale Year in Review 2022

Finally, Lonsdale’s economy appears to have recovered as 2022 is the first year since the pandemic began without a new major variant. The opening and reopening of businesses old and new is one of the most popular stories in Lonsdale.

Jesse Thomas Forum.JPG

Jesse Thomas, a current candidate for Rice County Sheriff, said his priority during the AAUW forum was mental health. He would go on to win the election. (File photo/

Lonsdale Garage Fire 221103.jpg

A fire in a Lonsdale garage casts an orange glow on the billowing smoke above. (File photo courtesy of Bill Ryan)

Lonsdale Town Hall

Plans to renovate and expand Lonsdale Town Hall this year have been suspended until further notice as all tenders exceeded the city’s 2017 budget. Those programs are now underway thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act. (File photo/

Lisa Strahak.JPG

Lisa Strawhacker is the owner of Quilting by the Heart in Lonsdale. She has been sewing quilts since she was 5 years old. (File photo/

Lisa Tucciant RR Revival.JPG

Lisa Tousignant is the owner of RR Revival at 104 Railway St. in Northwest Lonsdale. (File photo/

finger waiting

Disgruntled neighbor and Lonsdale Planning and Zoning Commissioner Jim Freid stares at the finger of First National Bank owner Adam Traxler, Jack Weitzer A friend of Jake Wetzel, who owns a car wash in Le Center and wants to bring the business to Lonsdale. (File photo/


Johnny Carson waved to passing cars, honked his horn repeatedly and smiled. Most of the townspeople know him and appreciate his positive attitude and wholehearted greeting. (File photo/

Jacob Bangs

Jacob Bongers started chemotherapy after successful neurosurgery, followed by several months of radiation therapy. (Facebook profile photo)

Lonsdale Police Department and cars.JPG

Lonsdale Police Service opened the doors of its new police station to the public with an Open House and a grand opening ceremony. To prevent people from parking behind the building, LPD vehicles blocked the exits. (File photo/

voting equipment

A public test of Rice County voting equipment took place in the Rice County Council room. (Files Rice County Photo)

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